"Coordination" Lavender Nail Polish is the perfect combination of bright hues and muted highlights

Working hardcore in the gym, staying committed to your fitness goals and not stopping for anyone requires coordination. We have the nail polish solution for you - our "Coordination" Lavender Nail Polish. This best selling lavender polish color allows you to coordinate your femininity and softness with your hardcore side - the side of you that pushes hard in the gym, lifts weights and takes no prisoners.

Lavender Nail Polish

Bright and strong, lavender is the perfect combination of a medium purple and a light pink. The bright tones with muted highlights mimic the flower for which the color is named. In fact, just the fact that the color is named after a flower makes it the perfect spring representative. If there was ever a color suited for spring, it’s lavender. 

Through the delicate shades of lavender - a color that represents beauty, grace and elegance - you are able to coordinate your workout with your nail polish, to show all the sides of you that make you, YOU. 

More than that, it’s one of the most brightly neutral tones you can use on your nails! What does that mean? Lavender has gorgeous saturation of color, but it’s so pastel at the same time. This brings youth and life but also maturity to its hues. Thus, you can wear lavender nail polish anywhere in the spring.

Lavender Nail Polish

In case you haven't decided on a lavender nail polish color you love, we also recommend the “Peace of Mind” Lavender Nail Polish from our collection! Not only is our polish formula high-quality and long-lasting, the pigment is full, rich, and gorgeous.

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