Betty Bailey Petoskey Stone Jewelry

Betty Bailey Petoskey Stone Jewelry

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      Rugged Beauties do and we are delighted to showcase one of our favorite jewelry designers in the state of Michigan.  Betty Bailey has designed Petoskey stone sterling silver jewelry since 1992 when she decided to move to the beautiful coastal town of Petoskey, Michigan.  

      The Petoskey stone itself is actually fossilized coral called Hexagonaria percarinata.  It's unique exoskeleton structure consists of six-sided corallites or the skeletons of coral polyps that once thrived in the ancient waters around the state of Michigan.  You won't find true Petoskey stone anywhere else but in and around the Great Lakes.

      Each Petoskey Stone is hand-picked by Betty herself.  Her keen eye for design identifies only the best patterns in the stone for each jewelry piece.  She carefully cuts and hones the stone in her workshop until it's natural beauty shines through.  

      Her stones are truly THE BEST in the state of Michigan and the United States.  No others can compare.  Betty settles for nothing but the most striking stones, with the clearest patterns, free from petrified mud or other debris, when it comes to creating her one-of-a-kind jewelry.

      Each piece is stamped with her artisan mark BAILEY to ensure its authenticity.  Truly a statement piece, wherever you wear one of her designs, others will take notice! 

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