about us

We Are Rugged Beauty.  We designed our brand to represent the expectations, values and lifestyles of the women who inspired it's creation.  As a result, our nail polish is free from ten harsh chemicals and is made here in the USA.  It's both vegan and free from all animal testing.  We have lively collections that represent the various lifestyles our customers embody which contain a wide variety of color palettes for women of all skin tones and ages.  Being of the highest integrity, these polishes go on easily, dry quickly and are incredibly durable.

Rugged Beauties are all over the world. They’re women from all backgrounds and ethnicities that live healthy and active lifestyles. Rugged Beauties are world class athletes, hunters, serve in the military, farmers, do yoga, surf, climb mountains, snowboard, ski, hike, rock climb or just enjoy a peaceful day at the lake. Women everywhere are doing incredible things everyday and getting after it, and there’s no reason to not still feel, and look, beautiful while being active. That’s what we’re about.

Like the lotus flower that grows in muddy water and rises to the surface to bloom and bring beauty to the world, our collections embrace the resilient and natural beauty inherent all of us. No matter the social standard. 

We’d love to hear from you! We love to share photos and videos on social media of our friends doing the active, adventurous, and creative activities that make them a Rugged Beauty. So please, send us some of your photos and videos of you wearing our polish, and feel free to reach out to us anytime!