Set your mind, body and soul on fire with this passionate pink nail polish

Passion sets your mind, body and soul on fire. Which is why our Passion Pale Pink Nail Polish is at the heart of our Mind, Body & Soul nail polish collection.


Pale Pink Nail Polish


 Here at Rugged Beauty, passion is at the heart of all we do, and we want to share this passion with you. We are driven to share colors that remind women of their inherent power, which is why we have created the shade Passion Pale Pink. All the zesty passion of life concentrated into its pinkness, but relaxed into a soothing, pale pink shade to calm your senses while simultaneously empowering you.

Our Mind, Body & Soul collection has been carefully curated by our Rugged Beauty designers to help all of our customers connect to and enjoy their entire being: their mind, body and soul. We do this by creating unique colors that are able to stimulate your senses through color and empowerment. The unique color we are discussing today is our Passion Pale Pink Nail Polish. A color inspired by the seasons, and the women who hold this color so close to their hearts and personalities.

Passion Pale Pink draws on the natural color wheel found in nature: the pinks of an evening sunset, the pinks of flowers in bloom and the combinations of vibrant colors in the rainbow that create a pink glow - and the colors found in our daily lives: pink bubblegum, the pink of candy floss at a summertime fair, the pink of Valentines Day, the way you express love.


Passion Pale Pink Nail Polish


Pink is the color that reminds you of your femininity, and your passion for all things. That is why this color is at the heart of our Mind, Body & Soul collection. 

But pink to us isnt just a sign of femininity, its a sign of female power and independence. A color that is associated with womanhood, but is also indicative of struggles, strength and solidarity.

Rugged Beauty isn’t just a beauty company, we’re a brand that unifies women through color, creating lasting beauty that persists beyond your nails. We pride ourselves on creating nail polish that works hard for you, for healthier, long lasting color for active and hardworking women, who don’t have time for chipped, broken nails. That’s why our nail polish is free from harsh chemicals, so you can enjoy life to the maximum.


Passion Pale Pink Nail Polish


We want to share our passion with you. Our passion for color, connection, creativity. We do this through nail polish, and our Mind, Body & Soul collection - to create spirited, vital shades that remind you of who you are - a strong, empowered, beautiful and awesome woman - to inspire you to seek passion in all that you do and let your passion shine. 

If this speaks to you, give our Passion Pale Pink Nail Polish a try and feel the passion of the pink, while setting your mind, body and soul alive with the soothing pale shade.

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