Why Working With Your Hands Is Worthy Of Reward

Hello, hello amazing humans!  My name is Brooklynn and I own a laser cutting, engraving and design business called Jus Sayin'.  From custom home decor, unique gifts and promotional items to residential and commercial signage or light industrial work, Jus Sayin' allows me to combine stunning design while emphasizing superior quality and give my customers exactly what they want - exceptional products.  The only thing better than that, is the story of how it all began...
My favorite thing to do has always been to let my imagination run wild and then bring the visions to life.  Growing up it was a box of crayons and finger paint that did the trick, now it's wood, metal and power tools.  As any entrepreneur knows, it's been a long trek.  My journey set out back in 2015 in my parents garage where I started with a jigsaw and a dream.  This side hustle fueled me and it was through this creative endeavor that I felt I had truly discovered my purpose.  
Fast forward to 2020 after a lot of blood, sweat and tears (cliche I know, but it couldn't be more accurate) I finally sought up the courage to take the jump and officially start my business in downtown Holly, Michigan.  The very first thing I ran on my laser was a wooden tag that simply said "Day One 12.26.20" which now hangs above my work bench.  It's my constant reminder that being a dreamer is the most realistic thing you can do.
I spent years visualizing my own workshop, my own laser, and an independent lifestyle.  Today I celebrate that reality.  Most importantly, I hold the deepest gratitude in my heart to all of those that helped make it happen, especially my parents and my brother who have always been my biggest advocates from day one. 
And to all of those who choose Jus Sayin', I could never do it without your constant support and daily encouragement to keep going.  I promise to continue to rise above industry standards, and provide you with the most custom experience as well as the most exceptional products.  #jussayin
P.S. To all my dreamers, you're on the right track.  There will be peaks and there will be valleys.  I believe in you.  Keep dreaming.

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