About b.shaye


Hi, I'm Baylie Shaye.  I've spent my life growing up in Michigan.  My passions stemmed from it's unique Midwestern culture and gorgeous scenery. My roots stretch from the southern part of Michigan all the way to the Upper Peninsula on the shores of Lake Superior.   Growing up with an older brother, I didn't always share the same interests as other girls. 

Ever since I was little, you could find me on the four-wheeler, hunting, competing with all the boys or sometimes just taking a kayak out on the lake.  I love playing sports too, and enjoy a tough workout routine. 

Even though I'm a tomboy, I still love being a girly girl. My b.shaye collections are geared towards every industrious woman or girl who likes to recharge and enjoy life after getting out there and breaking a nail.

Take a moment to take in the beauty of a sun-drenched beach wearing a color from my Breath of Fresh Air collection or stretch and enjoy a work out session wearing something from my Yoga Moves collection.  Whatever you choose, get out and do and then chillax for a while.  You deserve it!